Joint event, organisation and design - during the Fuori Salone Milano 2010

Concept, organisation, design and curation of an event to present the materials of 4 different companies.

Event concept and naming (‘Vivaio’ [plant nursery]) A ‘greenhouse’ in which different materials, normally with no connection, coexist harmoniously. An interactive experience / installation which encouraged visitors to leave messages using stickers and pencils provided, with subsequent publication of the messages online. The invitations were screen-printed on wood veneers. We personally conducted the installation, as well as curating the whole event and following every aspect, including communications, signage and promotional materials / giveaways.

Clients: Bencore, WoodCo, Magraf, Passoni Nature
Date: 2010
Role: Concept, Design, Event identity, 3D visualisation, Installation, Communication, Invites, Brochure, Bags and giveaways, Signage, Interactive experience
Collaborators: iarchitects, Custard Studio
Links: Download the Vivaio Press Release