A fusion of bold shapes and clean lines, incorporating a feeling of power and movement

Two suits of handcrafted, nickel-plated armour commissioned by Candy & Candy for the prestigious One Hyde Park development in Knightsbridge, London.

Initial inspiration for the design of the sculptures was taken directly from the architecture of One Hyde Park — In much the same way as the architect, Richard Rogers, developed the building to be homogeneous with the surrounding architecture of Knightsbridge, the two suits of armour are also intended correspond with their environment.

“The brief was for a landmark development which complements and enhances the rich textures of the existing local architecture, whilst creating a structure which integrates well with the neighbouring buildings.”
Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

The architect's ideas, sketches and plans, along with photographs of the construction and development of the site, all informed the preliminary design process and helped in the conception of initial shapes, forms and patterns from which the design expanded. The floor-plan and roof of One Hyde Park were key in the production of the earliest sketches, with a direct translation of the angular shapes and geometric compositions into the appearance and arrangement of the plates composing the armour.

This process, combined with acknowledgment and respect for the materials and design of the interior space, helped create more than mere sculptures for the entrance hall of One Hyde Park but tailored guardians of the buildings and their residents.

— The design, development and production of the sculptures took place in Milan and the surrounding, northern Italian countryside. In much the same way as armour produced some 500 years ago, Italy had the most to offer and I secured a number important relationships regarding the production of the pieces. Skilled artisans were employed at every stage, from the forming of the metal and production of the supporting structure, to the plating, polishing and internal lighting.

Each aspect of the project was carefully considered, with the highest standards enforced throughout, right up to the packaging, shipping, installation and maintenance of the pieces.

Client: Candy & Candy
Date: 2011
Role: Concept, Design, Project management, Installation
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OHP Armour Sketches