A 360° event spanning the whole city. Involving shops, entertainment and culture that best express the various aspects of the city of Milan. Overall contributing to the economy of the city in general and in particular that of design.

Design and curation of an event to present the first edition of Milano, Design in the City at Palazzo Reale, Milan.

Props, stands and communication totems crafted from large blocks of polystyrene. The focus being a large scale, simplified map of Milan on which participating shops and showrooms were indicated with stainless steel markers. Miniture visitors in lathed beech wood, flocked onto the map, emphasising the projects primary goal: to encourage business within the city.

Clients: DesignPartners Srl.
Date: 2009
Role: Design, 2D orthographic drawing, 3D visualisation, Interior layout, On-site supervision
Collaborators: Luca Fois