L'HOMME ARME Exhibition

A selection of sketch work & sculpture spanning 10 years

The Armed Man (or in its original French “L’Homme Armè”) is a tune that can be traced throughout history and across the world. Originally a 15th century song, warning of the threat of invasion and that “the armed man must be feared”, calling people to arm themselves with a coat of mail, it can be found repeated in 20th century compositions, from Italy to New Zealand, the riff repeating and reworked; an historical composition that transcends time.

In much the same way, the works exhibited were concerned with an historical subject: that of ceremonial war suits and adorning and protecting the body; sculptures that convey a recognisable concept of traditional armour, yet communicate it in a contemporary manner.

The exhibition took place at Cerano Dodici, during the Salone del Mobile 2011. It was re-exhibited at Castelli Gallery some months after.

Client: N/A
Date: 2011
Role: Sculpture, Sketches, Design, Curation, Live performance
Links: Press Release, Live performance video, Suit One