GEMSIGN Identity

A new approach to the world of gems.

Commission: Create a new brand for the gem dealer L.M.G. (Licio Mangione Gemme). Clearly communicating strengths and making it stand out from the competition.

Solution: Accurate positioning and refined identity that conveys prestige and has plenty of visual ‘handles’ to increase brand recognition. Consistent yet differentiated implementation on high range of applications including stationery, brochure, packaging, sample holders, press-pack, merchandising and environments.

The predominant visual element is based on the fourth letter of the greek alphabet, Delta. Appearing in both uppercase (triangles) and lowercase forms (the central motif doubling as an ‘S’ in the logo), it is a symbol commonly used in subjects of science and mathematics to describe change in energy. A concept analogous with the initial brief, attempting to draw it away from the stigma of the competition.

Indicative of an amethyst, the arrangement of interlocking, coloured triangles in the top corner suggest transition and the ability to unveil something other than initially apparent.

Client: Licio Mangione Gemme (L.M.G.)
Date: 2011
Role: Brand naming, Logo design, Stationery design, Packaging design, Display and sample holder design, Brochure design, Trade show stand design.
Collaborators: Custard Studio