For creative people who like to play

FreeStyle Magazine is round in shape and fits inside a Frisbee.
Using the flying disc as inspiration, FreeStyle Magazine brings people together who share a freestyle attitude to life and to their work. Both the magazine and the Frisbee are sold together as one design item, with each issue released with a disc designed by a famous artist or designer.

Because of the unique circular format, FreeStyle Magazine appeals to the very best image makers and artists of our time, who get the challenge and opportunity to work in a format they haven't used before. The biannual title is an exciting and compelling mixture of experimentation and enthusiasm in the ever-changing fields of Art and Design.

In a time when print media is seeing a demise we stand out not only because of our unique round format, not only because every issue comes with a professional Wham-o Frisbee designed by a famous designer but also because we have compelling and fresh content that will delight and inform.

With an impressive roster of contributors drawn from a pool of talent collected over years of experience within the worlds of fashion, art and design. The FSM team stretches the world, with our fashion team in London, design team in Milan and main editorial office and studio in Berlin.

Above all FreeStyle Magazine is organic. It is hard to define us. Full of delicious imagery, FSM is a melting pot of creativity. You can touch it, feel it and even throw it!
FreeStyle Magazine... Catch it if you can!

Client: FreeStyleMagazine
Date: 2009-
Role: Senior Designer, Logo design, Page layout, Title page design, Event design and organisation, Website design and development, Blog design and maintenance
Collaborators: Jason McGlade, Massimo Casini, Nele Schrinner, Deborah Latouche, Greg Catch, David Hovey