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dopepod update

I have updated my old website… dopepod

“A sketch pad of ideas and playful geometric abstraction, spliced with digital techniques.

Visible only online via the use of a browser, each individual encounter is unique to the viewer due to randomization of colours and positioning of elements according to a viewer’s interaction.

The work relies upon up-to-date browser software in order to function correctly and render as intended. A deliberate aspect of the pieces, they reflect society’s swift adaptation to advances in technology and the distance created between those unwilling or unable to move with the shift. An idea that is analogous with the concept of art appreciation itself, where differences in social background create divisions in understanding, resulting in the aesthetic sense of one group or individual being perhaps not that of another.

Arguably each piece will itself depreciate as time progresses and new standards and levels of communication are reached. They are created using a medium compatible with and influenced by today’s standards and are therefore relevant only to this time and have a potentially short lifespan.”

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