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Furnishing the Studio

"Under Construction"

Only a month or so behind schedule; the renovation of our new studio has been completed and we have started to build the office furniture.

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Croesllanfro Barn Window Installation

"Front - Under construction"

"Back - Under construction"

"Front - Complete"

"Back - Complete"

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Croesllanfro Barn Roof Beams 02

"Sky Beam"

Construction of the roof at Croesllanfro Barn has begun.

Consisting of five main trusses spanning 7 metres and five smaller trusses for the wing sections spanning 5.5 metres, this new green oak roof was hand crafted and installed by Leonard Potter.

More information on Leonards impressive work and the methods used can be found @

"Pegging the draw-holes of the 1st wing truss"

"Aerial view of the finished trusses"

"2nd main truss in position on the wall plate"

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