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dopepod update

I have updated my old website… dopepod

“A sketch pad of ideas and playful geometric abstraction, spliced with digital techniques.

Visible only online via the use of a browser, each individual encounter is unique to the viewer due to randomization of colours and positioning of elements according to a viewer’s interaction.

The work relies upon up-to-date browser software in order to function correctly and render as intended. A deliberate aspect of the pieces, they reflect society’s swift adaptation to advances in technology and the distance created between those unwilling or unable to move with the shift. An idea that is analogous with the concept of art appreciation itself, where differences in social background create divisions in understanding, resulting in the aesthetic sense of one group or individual being perhaps not that of another.

Arguably each piece will itself depreciate as time progresses and new standards and levels of communication are reached. They are created using a medium compatible with and influenced by today’s standards and are therefore relevant only to this time and have a potentially short lifespan.”

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Introducing #StudioSounds –

  • Keeping you in touch with what’s playing in studios around the Twitterverse.
  • We compile tweets from Twitter which include the hashtag #studiosounds.
  • If it includes a link to a Youtube video or Soundcloud track (more to come), you can play it by clicking the ‘Play Youtube’ or ‘Play Soundcloud’ link.

14lox & dopepod collaboration — Follow us here @studiosounds_me

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L’Homme Armé – Revisited @ Castelli Gallery

For those who missed it the first time, ‘L’Homme Armè‘ will be exhbited for a week at Castelli Gallery in Via Cerano 15, Milan.

Launch & Press: Tonight…  Tuesday May 3rd. Free wine while it lasts!

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One Hyde Park Armour Sketches on Behance Network

I have published a selection of free-hand pencil sketches on Behance Network. They are taken from a book of studies made for the production of two specially commissioned suits of armour by Candy&Candy for the One Hyde Park development in Knightsbridge, London.

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One Hyde Park – Armour

“Exceptional collaborations result in ultimate perfection”

The prestigious One Hyde Park development is officially open, with my specially commissioned suits of armour on permanent display in the reception area.

Below are a few words on the reception area, by the interior designers Candy & Candy

“The Reception is in many ways the heart of One Hyde Park. An elegant, grand but welcoming double-storey area, with natural light pouring in through glass walls on all sides, it sets the tone for the building, promoting an atmosphere of calm, order and luxurious comfort. It serves as the residents’ link not only with the outside world but also with the building’s unique concierge service, the team that ensures that their individual needs are taken care of 24 hours a day.

“Candy & Candy, with their experience in the most exclusive decoration in the world, are responsible for the elegant luxury of the communal areas, using a combination of luxury fabrics, sourced vintage pieces, original art work and a colour palette that responds perfectly to their residents’ desires. Here, a choice of seating areas and a piano encourage residents and their guests to linger here, creating a hub. The concierge desk, meanwhile, is discreet but central, as it is in the life of One Hyde Park.”

“Facing the desk are two specially commissioned suits of armour, in nickel plated copper by Peter Oliver Davies. A witty reference to the origins of Knightsbridge, they draw on Japanese and English armoury traditions, as well as echoing the building itself, both in its geometric shapes and its dynamism. The centre of the room is illuminated by an intricate chandelier made up of 6,500 hand-shaped glass pieces, around half of which are covered with 10-karat gold. Created by London-based artist Eva Menz, it was inspired by the movement of a gust of wind through a pile of leaves, as might be seen in Hyde Park in autumn. Its title, Causing a Storm, refers to the effect of the building of One Hyde Park.”

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PHCY – Killer Music

More, exciting, graphic illustrations, commissioned by Pharmacy Ind. on there way soon.

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PODCUST Company Presentation 2011

Peter Oliver Davies has joined forces with Custard Studio to bring you a truly complete and strategic service, in the field of communications and design.

Download the presentation in English or in Italian.

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Suit of Armour Pt.6: Installation

Yesterday afternoon saw the installation of the two suits of armour in the reception area of One Hyde Park, London.

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Corporate Packaging

"Handle With Care"

Today I made two branded, plywood cases to ship a project. All stencils, including logo and handling instructions, cut and sprayed by hand.

FSM Bambi

Well, it’s only been a short time – what seems like a couple of weeks – since we brought you FreeStyle Magazine #2, with a fantastic Sir Paul Smith cover and Frisbee.  But we’re back in the studio, hard at work, to bring you yet another great installment to the world of FreeStyle, Fun, Fashion and Frisbee…  Yes! We’re currently working on FreeStyle Magazine issue 3!

I can’t tell you just yet who we have as the designer of this issues disc, however, I can assure you he’s big and a true FreeStyler and friend!

This edition of course will be packed full of wonderfully creative work from the fields of Fashion, Photography, Art, Music and LifeStyle, and all true to the FreeStyle ethic. Just to give you a little taster of the quality of work to come, I have attached a title page produced for one of the fashion stories, entitled ‘Bambi’.

Stay tuned to find out a release date…

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