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Corrugated House – Sydney


It must be difficult for Australian architecture to shake the corrugated iron stereotype, despite its continued, widespread use throughout urban and bush architecture. In suburban Sydney, however, I came across this fantastic twist to the formula. Clad in old, rust and paint covered corrugated sheet metal, the recycled facade of this new build emerges from the alley as if spawned from the dilapidated fence that still lines the curb.

Nestled behind some classic examples of Victorian suburban architecture the resulting patchwork of colour is not dissimilar to army camouflage. Perhaps it could be described as urban camouflage? It would be interesting to find out the response from the planning office on this one.

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One Hyde Park – Armour

“Exceptional collaborations result in ultimate perfection”

The prestigious One Hyde Park development is officially open, with my specially commissioned suits of armour on permanent display in the reception area.

Below are a few words on the reception area, by the interior designers Candy & Candy

“The Reception is in many ways the heart of One Hyde Park. An elegant, grand but welcoming double-storey area, with natural light pouring in through glass walls on all sides, it sets the tone for the building, promoting an atmosphere of calm, order and luxurious comfort. It serves as the residents’ link not only with the outside world but also with the building’s unique concierge service, the team that ensures that their individual needs are taken care of 24 hours a day.

“Candy & Candy, with their experience in the most exclusive decoration in the world, are responsible for the elegant luxury of the communal areas, using a combination of luxury fabrics, sourced vintage pieces, original art work and a colour palette that responds perfectly to their residents’ desires. Here, a choice of seating areas and a piano encourage residents and their guests to linger here, creating a hub. The concierge desk, meanwhile, is discreet but central, as it is in the life of One Hyde Park.”

“Facing the desk are two specially commissioned suits of armour, in nickel plated copper by Peter Oliver Davies. A witty reference to the origins of Knightsbridge, they draw on Japanese and English armoury traditions, as well as echoing the building itself, both in its geometric shapes and its dynamism. The centre of the room is illuminated by an intricate chandelier made up of 6,500 hand-shaped glass pieces, around half of which are covered with 10-karat gold. Created by London-based artist Eva Menz, it was inspired by the movement of a gust of wind through a pile of leaves, as might be seen in Hyde Park in autumn. Its title, Causing a Storm, refers to the effect of the building of One Hyde Park.”

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Croesllanfro Barn Landscaping

The current state of the Croesllanfro Barn, with a fantastic landscaping job completed by my mother and father in time for my sisters wedding.

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Furnishing the Studio

"Under Construction"

Only a month or so behind schedule; the renovation of our new studio has been completed and we have started to build the office furniture.

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New Studio


Work is under way in the new studio.
Today we took an active part in the demolition of a wall and got really excited to see the place take shape (or rather loose its old shape)
We’re hoping to move in some time in November.

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Croesllanfro Barn Window Installation

"Front - Under construction"

"Back - Under construction"

"Front - Complete"

"Back - Complete"

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Croesllanfro Barn Roof Beams 03

"The complete structure"

"View 1"

"View 2"

"View 3"

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Croesllanfro Barn Roof Beams 02

"Sky Beam"

Construction of the roof at Croesllanfro Barn has begun.

Consisting of five main trusses spanning 7 metres and five smaller trusses for the wing sections spanning 5.5 metres, this new green oak roof was hand crafted and installed by Leonard Potter.

More information on Leonards impressive work and the methods used can be found @

"Pegging the draw-holes of the 1st wing truss"

"Aerial view of the finished trusses"

"2nd main truss in position on the wall plate"

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