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Corporate Packaging

"Handle With Care"

Today I made two branded, plywood cases to ship a project. All stencils, including logo and handling instructions, cut and sprayed by hand.

FSM Bambi

Well, it’s only been a short time – what seems like a couple of weeks – since we brought you FreeStyle Magazine #2, with a fantastic Sir Paul Smith cover and Frisbee.  But we’re back in the studio, hard at work, to bring you yet another great installment to the world of FreeStyle, Fun, Fashion and Frisbee…  Yes! We’re currently working on FreeStyle Magazine issue 3!

I can’t tell you just yet who we have as the designer of this issues disc, however, I can assure you he’s big and a true FreeStyler and friend!

This edition of course will be packed full of wonderfully creative work from the fields of Fashion, Photography, Art, Music and LifeStyle, and all true to the FreeStyle ethic. Just to give you a little taster of the quality of work to come, I have attached a title page produced for one of the fashion stories, entitled ‘Bambi’.

Stay tuned to find out a release date…

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