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How to Make a Suit of Armour Pt.5


Polish and nickel plate each piece – again, as always, by hand.


"Rolling in Sawdust"

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How to Make a Suit of Armour Pt.4


Study and construct from scratch an ad-hoc internal structure for each suit.

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How to Make a Suit of Armour Pt.3.1

"Hand Chiseled and Shaped"

The decoration on the armour was chiseled into the base material by hand. The process required each piece of the suit to be set in 3 inches of pitch, in order to absorb the vibrations of the hammer and chisel.

"The Pitching Room"


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Croesllanfro Barn Landscaping

The current state of the Croesllanfro Barn, with a fantastic landscaping job completed by my mother and father in time for my sisters wedding.

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